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We are a community of believers who are passionate about God.  We believe that He is good and we are created to encounter His manifest presence, know Him deeply and intimately, and live with great passion and purpose.

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Glory to God for all He is doing!
"I had been feeling exhausted in the morning, totally drained of energy, and feeling like I was literally going to faint.  But when I walked into the sanctuary/gymnasium at 10:30am, I was supernaturally flooded with strength, all my energy was restored! Praise the Lord!"
-Tasha W.

I've only been to KLCI about 7 times and I truly love finding my like-minded believers.
A couple weeks ago I feinted, just plopped right down. After a long emergency room visit, meet up with a cardiologist, and two days of testing (every test but an IQ test) the Doctor decided I needed to wear a heart monitor. So there I sat in church Sunday, right beside Claudia who inspires me. I noticed my battery had died and I disconnected my monitor just before we began to sing Beautiful Jesus. For some reason I was more annimated and passionate as I sang. The words keeper of my heart caused me to smile reasuradely. When I sang I love you Jesus, the area around my heart felt warm, like my heart was opening up to accept Christs love. When I bellowed I love you, again, my upper body was filled with love, warmth and peace. Then, the last chorus came and I sang it out, I love you Jesus. This time my whole body was enveloped in blanket of love and peace. I glanced about wondering if anyone noticed. They didn't. I asked our loving Lord if I should say anything. He said that this beautiful happening was not just for me and I should share it.
All day, I felt like I was glowing. I listened to Beautiful Jesus many times the next two days and will many more times as I memorize the lyrics.
It's such a blessing to know the great things that can happen when you sing, Beautiful Jesus I love you, and truly mean it.
God's passion never fails.
Tim Sisly
Happy and proud to be a KLCI member.

As we began to start worship in Kingdom Kids, one of the students tugged on my shirt to get my attention.  When I turned around he was clasping his head with his hands about as hard as you can.  He whispered “my head hurts.”  Of course, I was very concerned because he was grabbing his head very hard.   The assistant and I decided to go to prayer, and asked the rest of the class to join us.  They stood off at a distantce while the assistant and myself spoke and prayed over this student.  I got the impression from the Lord to look him in the eyes and tell him to not be afraid.  We commanded the pain to cease and the headache to go away.  At this point he had taken his hands of his head.  I felt the Lord told me to get him some juice and to have him sit and rest for a minute, which we did.  The assistant stayed with him.  We started worship and it wasn’t but a few minutes when the assistant nudged me to show me the student dancing and worshipping with the rest of the class.

This is amazing grace and power of Jesus in Kingdom Kids.  For them to see the amazing power of God manifest, I thought it would be an awe inspiring moment to the kids, but what was more awe inspiring is that the other children acted like it was a normal thing.  They expected him to be healed. 



-Pastor Jeremy

On Sunday, February 4,2024, one of our youth members stated that they had gotten a contusion while playing soccer that week. That the contusion was seeminly getting worse as time went on. As we were praying to leave. The youth group prayed over the youth's member contusion for complete healing of it. The next morning (Monday, February 5, 2024) the youth woke up and Praised Jesus for her contusion was fully healed.